September’s fresh start

Please note: The DoJo gig on Friday, Sept. 11 is a private event, not open to the public as previously indicated.  Apologies for the confusion.

September always brings that touch of nostalgia… summer ending, the smell and feel of a cool New England night, a re-focusing of energy.  Something about nobody being on the beach, that empty lake, empty streets, the sun goes down alone… This could be a great song! oh, wait.  Don Henley already wrote it.

And stay tuned for a possible Middlebury show coming up in October – details to be announced soon…

And if you haven’t heard the band yet with keyboardist Andrew Moroz, you’re missing out!  here’s the keyboardist-eye view, setting up at a recent gig in Bahn-stable, Mass.  (And thanks to our friend Peter for bringing us down to Howard Boats again, always a blast!)

view from keyboard small

Andrew on the keys / takes a break and contemplates / evening sun on marsh

Thank you, Jazzfest! DoJo gigs coming in hot!

Thanks to everyone involved with the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, which was once again an amazing ten (?) days of music.  We were excited to be part of it in our Radio Bean debut! Jazzfest never disappoints for hearing great new music and bringing musicians together in new formations for that magical, cooperative musical alchemy.

(Thanks, Ben Bloom for the photo, and thanks to Matt Schrag and Jake Whitesell for sitting in!)

grift at Bean 2015



meanwhile, DoJo kicks it up a notch with a few fun shows coming up –

Wednesday, June 17 at Vermont National Country Club (6-8pm)

Friday, July 24 at Mike’s Tiki Bar in East Burke, VT. (6pm)

See you out there, thanks for supporting live music!

Summer gigs, recording!

Really feeling like summer here in Vermont… We have enjoyed playing some fun, festive occasions recently – a great time of year to wish happy birthday, happy graduation, happy reunion…  Mazel mazel!  Good things.  And thank you, Middlebury, for yet another amazingly amazing reunion blowout – what a fun show that is!  it seems to get better every year… special thanks to our good friend Ben “Cletus” Lively for bringing that sweet fiddle back into the mix (you can hear him on “Sleeping Policeman”  recorded in Boulder with the original Grift lineup!)

Check out the gigs list for some updated local (VT) gigs, including a Burlington Jazz Fest gig and two DoJo (who has really been kicking some grass recently) shows coming up – Wednesday June 17 at Vermont National Country Club in South Burlington, VT.  And Friday July 24 at the Tiki Bar in East Burke, VT! (super cool spot). We’ve got a handful of amazing new tunes in the repertoire – you’re not going to believe some of the places we’ll go.

And the main construction phase at Liontone studios is complete!!  Going to record the Grift album in style this summer! Aww, yeah.  We had our first recording session in the (amazingly) updated space last week working on the “original cast recording” of My Post Traumatic Cruise Ship Cabaret with Dana Yeaton and Vanessa Dunleavy.

(setting up the new vocal booth for the first time with Vanessa “Vivi” Dunleavy)

vanessa liontone



A World Premier Musical! And… new album(s)?!

On Saturday, March 21, The Grift played a raucously fun show to a packed house at Mad River Glen. Luckily, Eric Sigsbey from Laughing Eagle Productions was on hand with an array of microphones and recording gear to capture the magic! We’re hoping to use some of the tracks for an upcoming live album, so stay tuned for that.

We’re also excited to report that we have a concept for the new Grift studio album that is going to blow you away! We think we’ve found a way to bring together all the different styles and sounds we’ve been working on for the past few years. And there’s a very good chance that both of these albums could be released this year!

In other exciting news, The Grift is part of a World-Premier Musical!
Yes, This week is the opening of  My Post-Traumatic Cruise Ship Cabaret, starring Vanessa Dunleavy and The Grift. (By Dana Yeaton, Vanessa Dunleavy and Clint Bierman.)

The Grift, backing up Vanessa as Vivi Donovan, play the Fleeing Borashenko Brothers, recently banned from their homeland of Belarus for their Ska-vic rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.” (The authorities could tell they meant it ironically.) The show is an amazing blend of witty, moving, and just plain funny. Oh, and booty-shaking-and-sing-along-inspiring. Yes, there’s a few of those songs in there, too. You really don’t want to miss this one!

Get tickets here

And check out some new shows added to the gigs list!

See you soon!

Winter/Spring 2015

Well, we’re still walking on the mightily frozen Lake Champlain but those days may be numbered! Huzzah! Yes, signs of spring are everywhere – bright warm 45 degree days, cardinals in the bushes, Middlebury Chili Fest??! Yes, indeed, The Grift returns for its annual ChiliFest extravaganza – we will be bringing the Grift love to the streets of Middlebury, VT on Saturday March 14. Bring your dancing boots! And your antacids!

Check the gigs calendar for more upcoming dates, and don’t forget that Clint runs an open jam every Thursday night at the LoFoSmoHo at the junction of 100 and 17 in Waitsfield, VT. It’s a Lopen, Fopen, Smopen, Hopen Jam!

And thank you for your continued patience with the website update. We’re getting a much-needed facelift on the ol’ site, which means we had to take all the old content down before putting new content up. Yup! Onwards!

from last summer's 15 year anniversary concert

G15! from last summer’s 15 year anniversary concert at Mad River Glen

photo by Benjamin D. Bloom  see more at