Jeff Vallone

Jeff Valone (drums, bass, vocals), The Grift

Jeff was born a decade too late. Sure he plays drums, and sometimes bass, but his real love is belting out 80’s tunes. If he had been born sooner, he’d currently be playing the State Fair circuit, trying to relive his glory days of big hair and sleeveless jean jackets. Instead, he channels his temporal misfortune into keeping the dance floor moving and singing along to his, and your, favorite songs…

Jeff co-founded The Grift soon after graduating with a B.A. in music from Middlebury College. Over the years he’s played in and recorded with several other bands in addition, including: Dojo (an 80’s Bluegrass super-band), The Sweet Remains Trio, Jer Coons, Gordo, Silent Mind, the Hug Your Farmer All-Star Band, as well as sub gigs for bands like Dispatch, Josh Panda, and Francesca Blanchard.

Jeff Vallone, The Grift
Jeff Vallone, Playing Bass for the Grift
“It is hard to imagine Jeff Vallone not behind the kit – he was actually the original bassist – because he displays such a gorgeous supple musicality to his drumming, eminently tasteful…”Jeff Sampson