A World Premier Musical! And… new album(s)?!

On Saturday, March 21, The Grift played a raucously fun show to a packed house at Mad River Glen. Luckily, Eric Sigsbey from Laughing Eagle Productions was on hand with an array of microphones and recording gear to capture the magic! We’re hoping to use some of the tracks for an upcoming live album, so stay tuned for that.

We’re also excited to report that we have a concept for the new Grift studio album that is going to blow you away! We think we’ve found a way to bring together all the different styles and sounds we’ve been working on for the past few years. And there’s a very good chance that both of these albums could be released this year!

In other exciting news, The Grift is part of a World-Premier Musical!
Yes, This week is the opening of  My Post-Traumatic Cruise Ship Cabaret, starring Vanessa Dunleavy and The Grift. (By Dana Yeaton, Vanessa Dunleavy and Clint Bierman.)

The Grift, backing up Vanessa as Vivi Donovan, play the Fleeing Borashenko Brothers, recently banned from their homeland of Belarus for their Ska-vic rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.” (The authorities could tell they meant it ironically.) The show is an amazing blend of witty, moving, and just plain funny. Oh, and booty-shaking-and-sing-along-inspiring. Yes, there’s a few of those songs in there, too. You really don’t want to miss this one!

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See you soon!