Europe, here we come!

grift pumpkin 2007photo by Benjamin D. Bloom (see more at his site)

Another rockin’ Halloween at the LoFoSmoHo is in the books!  Always such a blast.  Thanks to everyone who came and danced the night away for their great energy and awesome costumes.  Here’s a quick video clip from the stage to give a feel for the scene (watch Jeff multi-tasking!)

And now – The Grift departs for Europe, playing a nice run of shows backing up Brian Chartrand from The Sweet Remains.  Check out the tour schedule on tSR website, and follow along!

  • Brian’s tour blog,  der ketchup koenig, updated frequently and always  with verve and hilarity.  a great behind-the-scenes look at the daily life of  touring musicians…
  • Instagram @vtpd, @vallonetone, @brianchartrand. street art! amazing tour meals! green room shenanigans! picturesque Euro-scenes! moments of zen!
  • facebook, of course –  The Grift and The Sweet Remains

And stay tuned for the finished product of The Grift’s very fun recording session for the VPR “Live From the Fort” video series, probably available to watch around Thanksgiving.