photo by Benjamin D Bloom

We had a moment, as a band, basking in the post-show glow while packing up after the most recent Mad River Glen show: we realized just. how. fortunate we are to be able to play original music in a place as special as Mad River Glen for a room jam-packed with positive, beautiful, dancing, happy souls. We have always felt charged up and inspired and grateful for getting to play music for a living, and it continued to crystallize the other night. Thank you. Thanks for caring, for continuing to listen, and for bringing that positive energy into a collective groove. And here’s to many more years of that shared experience, and lots more music to come! Stay tuned for some recordings from that night, courtesy of the indomitable soundman/archivist Eric “Budward” Graham. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

– Clint, Jeff, Peter and Andrew