New Jam! Quarantine Creativity…

Very exciting news: there’s a hot new jam, and you can hear it now (and see the AMAZING music video)! The Grift teamed up with our good friends at Lawson’s Finest Liquids to kick off LFL’s new virtual music series. In addition to brewing amazing beer, Sean and Karen Lawson are also passionate music fans who reached out to us asking how they could help local musicians affected by The COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you, Lawsons!

It was super fun to collaborate remotely with the other Grift lads, and this song is a testament to the positivity, fun and creativity that are still abundant these days, against all odds. Yes, most of what’s going on in this crazy new normal is a colossal bummer for fans and musicians both. As you are likely aware, live music is in a bit of a holding pattern right now.

The bad news: All Grift shows in the near future (currently looking into July?) are postponed, and no one is sure how long that will extend.

The good news: We are VERY MUCH looking forward to returning to a stage near you to share in the joy and energy of live music! It is going to be a triumphant return.

So go crank up the new jam and sip some sunshine! We’ll see you soon, we hope. Stay well, take care, stay positive.