Summer gigs, recording!

Really feeling like summer here in Vermont… We have enjoyed playing some fun, festive occasions recently – a great time of year to wish happy birthday, happy graduation, happy reunion…  Mazel mazel!  Good things.  And thank you, Middlebury, for yet another amazingly amazing reunion blowout – what a fun show that is!  it seems to get better every year… special thanks to our good friend Ben “Cletus” Lively for bringing that sweet fiddle back into the mix (you can hear him on “Sleeping Policeman”  recorded in Boulder with the original Grift lineup!)

Check out the gigs list for some updated local (VT) gigs, including a Burlington Jazz Fest gig and two DoJo (who has really been kicking some grass recently) shows coming up – Wednesday June 17 at Vermont National Country Club in South Burlington, VT.  And Friday July 24 at the Tiki Bar in East Burke, VT! (super cool spot). We’ve got a handful of amazing new tunes in the repertoire – you’re not going to believe some of the places we’ll go.

And the main construction phase at Liontone studios is complete!!  Going to record the Grift album in style this summer! Aww, yeah.  We had our first recording session in the (amazingly) updated space last week working on the “original cast recording” of My Post Traumatic Cruise Ship Cabaret with Dana Yeaton and Vanessa Dunleavy.

(setting up the new vocal booth for the first time with Vanessa “Vivi” Dunleavy)

vanessa liontone