The Grift and their umbrella of other original music projects

Many people like to ask when and where they can see The Grift play live – great question! Did you know there’s a complete gigs list on the website? (There’s a Grift website?) Start there. Mark your calendars. Good. Now, you’ll notice that there are other live music happenings listed in addition to The Grift, as such. The Grift is like a big musical umbrella from which sunshine and daydreams and new projects constantly flow forth in rays of blindingly brilliant creativity… something like that. Or maybe the boys are all a little musically ADD and have a million* different projects going on simultaneously. (Did you know that Clint and Peter are working on an album with Allan Nicholls, who, fun fact, fronted JB & The Playboys as they ruled the Canadian airwaves in the late 60’s. See?) Did you know Jeff is working on a solo album? So… if you enjoy The Grift, chances are you will also enjoy DoJo (80’s Bluegrass) Honey Well (with Russ Lawton on drums), duo acoustic shows with Clint and Peter, Dr. Jack (luscious 3 part harmonies featuring Clint and Lauren “Rhonda Jean” Bierman), Treetop Mansion (ooh, brand new! sounds like The Beach Boys partying with Imagine Dragons, swimming in a sea of 90s rock somewhere near Laurel Canyon… A whole album of new original songs to be released in 2020!) and so on. You can find updates on all those projects… and more! on There. You are welcome. See you soon! Happy listening, and thanks for continuing to support independent music.

*not literally a million. but literally dozens, how about that?